Campsite in Devon




Our Site is a secure one with an award from Devon and Cornwall Police for the East Devon Secure Caravan Park Scheme.

Storage is adjacent to the park, some of this has been hard surfaced and the rest is grass. We move your vans in and out as needed (they are safer in storage than on the park when not in use). Please note that there is a towing charge of £10 when you are staying onsite for less than two consecutive nights.

To use your van on the park, please give us two days notice i.e. Wednesday for Friday. If you just want to store your van and use it on other parks we do not mind however we still need notice of your intentions. If you know when you will be using your van tell us and we can forward date your occupations in our diary.

Security on your vans will be dependent on the insurance company you may wish to use.


Caravan Storage charges for 2019

Summer: (15th March – 15th November)
£420.00 (Summer) (+ rate when occupied)
Winter: (15th November – 15th March)
£180.00 (Winter)
Short term storage: (nightly)
£4.50 (Short-term storage, per night)
We do not charge to tow in and out of storage unless your stay is less than 2 consecutive nights in which case a £10 towing charge will apply.

Due to increased demands over busy periods (see below) a minimum of one week’s notice is required before a caravan can be occupied but at some times over a months notice will be needed. If vans are required during the Sidmouth Folk Week please inform us by the end of MAY.